Soybean oil

Refined soybean oil

We offer the highest quality refined soybean oil that is ideal for lubricating feed and more. Its main feature is transparency, absence of contamination and an unusually beautiful natural color. This effect has been achieved through a refining process (typical of soybean oil processing), the main task of which is to get rid of phospholipids and unwanted mucus from the crude oil.

Degumming the oil does not deprive it of extremely important nutrients and minerals, but only produces a much better and healthier blend. As a result, the final product that reaches the customer meets the highest quality standards and is ideal for use in the agricultural industry. Low-fat soybean oil is an excellent ingredient in animal diets.

Soybean fodder oil

Properly filtered soybean oil is an excellent lubricating ingredient in farm animal mix. The main reason you should consider using it on the farm is that it significantly increases the energy value of the feed. This leads in a straight line to an increase in the number of animals, and therefore to an improved functioning of the entire farm. Soybean oil also gives food a unique taste and increases its appetite.

The benefits of using soybean feed oil are much greater. First, a well-lubricated feed allows you to use a smaller portion of the mixture without sacrificing its energy value. Secondly, it is less dusty and has a much better consistency. The high digestibility of the mixture, achieved through the use of the highest quality soybean oil, is also extremely important for the breeding process.

Unrefined soybean oil

It is unrefined oil. Such oil is not devoid of any useful substances, therefore it is considered to be of higher quality and natural. Of course, it all depends on your preference. Unrefined soybean oil is much more versatile than refined soybean oil, which is especially desirable in the cosmetics industry (due to its neutral odor).

The raw soybean oil we import is made only from the highest quality beans obtained from environmentally friendly Ukrainian farms. The embossing is done in a completely natural way, which makes the final effect amazing with its amazing color and properties. Crude oil is ideal for food purposes, especially as a feed additive for farm animals. It contains many useful substances and has a positive effect on the body.

Technical soybean oil

The role of technical soybean oil in the industry cannot be overemphasized. It is mainly used in the production of paints, varnishes, printing inks and all other products that require the use of oily substances. There are many technical versions of oils on the market that come from various plants. The most famous are flaxseed, rapeseed and castor oil (used in the production of castor oil).

Recently, more and more attention is paid to the unusual properties of technical soybean oil. Its use affects the high final product quality and strong protective properties (when used as a component of protective mixtures for wood or other sensitive surfaces). This is a very good replacement for other types of technical oils.