Rapeseed oil

Canola oil is also used to lubricate feed and increase the amount of protein in food. The high quality of rapeseed oil offered by the best trusted suppliers is a feature appreciated by Prisma Group customers.

- Color up to 85 mg / iodine
- Acid number up to 4.0 mg KOH / g
- Mass fraction of phosphorus compounds converted to stereolecithin, up to 2.0%
- Mass fraction of moisture up to 0.30%
- Mass fraction of fat-free impurities up to 0.15%
- Mass fraction of erucic acid from the total of fatty acids to 5.0%
- Clarity - acceptable slight turbidity above sediment
- Taste and odor typical of rapeseed oil, taste is uncertain.

feed additive, lubricant

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Detailed information:
Unrefined rapeseed oil is used in the food industry. It is also used in the steel, soap, leather and textile industries. Recently, rapeseed oil has gained popularity as a feedstock for biofuel production. In terms of the composition of acids and fats, rapeseed and olive oils are very close. Like other vegetable fats, rapeseed contains a large amount of essential unsaturated acids, which are easier for the body to absorb than saturated fats containing animal fats. In addition, in terms of fat content (35-50%) and protein (18-30%), rape seeds are not inferior to sunflower seeds and are significantly superior to soybeans.