Sunflower oil

Purchased by our feed customers interchangeably with soybean oil. Ideal for enriching dry food with valuable ingredients. Prisma Group offers the highest quality sunflower oil, which is appreciated by many feed factories in Poland

- Color up to 25 mg / iodine
- Acid number up to 4.0 mg KOH / g
- Peroxide number up to 7.0 - 10.0 mmol / kg 0.5 O
- Mass fraction of phosphorus compounds converted to stereolecithin, up to 2.0%
- Mass fraction of phosphorus compounds, expressed as P2O5, up to 0.05%
- Mass fraction of moisture up to 0.20%
- Mass fraction of fat-free impurities up to 0.10%
- Transparency - a slight turbidity allowed above the sediment
- Taste and smell are typical for sunflower oil, without foreign smell and aftertaste.

Feed additive, lubricant

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Detailed information:
Unrefined sunflower oil, unrefined oil can be of the highest, first and second (technical) type, it has the highest biological value, because such a product contains all valuable biological components: phosphatides, tocopherols, stearin, phospholipids, vitamins E, F and carotene. However, the shelf life of such oil is short, and due to interaction with oxygen, it quickly oxidizes and becomes bitter. It is one of the most important edible vegetable oils of great national and economic importance, and it is used directly in food preparation, as well as in the production of margarine, cooking fats, soap making and in the paint and varnish industry.