Sunflower cake

- Mass fraction of protein 30-35%
- Mass fraction of oil residue up to 10%
- Humidity up to 8.5%
- Fiber up to 20%
- Activity of urease 0.1-0.3
- Color from yellow to blue, presence of dark particles is not a defect factor.
- The smell is typical for soybean meal.
- Packing big bags,
- Shelf life 6 months.

Application: :
компонент feed component корма

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Detailed information:
Sunflower cake - pressed oil seeds without oil squeezing out. In agriculture, it is a part of compound feed, a valuable food product for animals with a high content of vegetable proteins (up to 40%) and fats. Recommended for use in agricultural and fishing industries, as well as for feeding poultry. Sunflower meal contains protein - a protein that is ahead of cereal protein in the content of lysine, methionine, tryptophan and cysteine. The cake always contains a certain amount of remaining oil (up to 15%, and this type of remaining oil cannot be compared with fodder oil: it is much less oxidized, saturated with vitamin E and phospholipids, as well as β-carotene.